Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"You but not You, I but not I" a Phalanstery show

Thanks to the contributing artists: Yoyo, Pipi, Cloe, David,Ves, Martin,William, Gregor,Dorothea and Richard!  Thanks to all the Friends and Lovers of Art!
Dorothea (1929-2012) you are missed and we hope to continue, thanks to your care!

There is still time to see this exhibit!  Please visit us before Dec. 30th, for more information go to

Many Blessings to all! May our greatest achievement be the Celebration of Life, and may you find it easy to express your Joy and Gratitude!

Mehdi Matin
aka One Sun 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

As alway it is sad to loose a good friend!   Dorothea departed this realm, November 20th, 2012.   She was a huge force in my life.   She was a mentor, benefactor, and transmitter of a path, which she herself would not name.  She was a lover of art, sentient beings and wild imagination.   With her, there was lots of laughter, and she wept in the face of truth.  She was hurt by people's materialism, and yet lived with lots of beautiful objects.   She created many works of art, and taught children craft.   By her own artistic creations, and through her support for other artists, a substantial cultural contribution was manifest.

She passed, but is still with us.   I feel her presence and accept that the soul has transcended the body.   For the many lessons, blessings, and most importantly love, I hope to be forever grateful!

Much love, and sweet union with friends,
May we all celebrate Love & Joy

Sunday, November 18, 2012

6 pages of a Graphic Journal, "Magnolia" Series

These are some mixed media drawings, quick and abstract expressions on xerox paper; each finished within 24 hours. Part of a graphic journal "Magnolia" series.      Inspired by daily occurrences and thoughts.    



"Fields of Love" , One-Sun Ukiyo-e

Life in all its nocturnal realities once again reminds us about the degree at which realty shifts.   In these ukiyo-e prints, hidden is a love that has been revealed in the expression of sunflowers.  This vision which happens at night, lingers on the periphery of my conscious mind.   These internal spaces are a sacred ground and a place of contemplation should we find a way to stand up.  

New York lies in the wake of a recovery from a historic storm.   The people have endured much here; and are tough to the challenges they face.   Our experiences have been re-painted by proximity to the storm, and some changes were final.   A life is a lot to be thankful for!  

I hope to share more with you soon,
best wishes, 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Enter through the Window", Phalanstery Autumnal Equinox


please visit for more

Monday, July 16, 2012

A review of "The New Gnostic"

Publish Post Published in 1984 this book revitalises the philosophies of Heidegger and James Hillman; leading us into the realm of the angels. Here, Phenomenology is delinated with mystical reverance, guiding the reader into the depths of the psyche by seeking direct knowledge of Being.

Contemplating the unity at the center of all polarities brings one to an internal ground, which lays beyond the nominal. External images morph to the perceivers level of Beingness, growing in dimension and complexity, matching the perciever's Releasment.

Releasment* is a surrender of habits and an immersion into primordial sublime nature; which is followed by a state of Seeing. Releasment is the ultimate response to the image that is supplied by the eternal moment and its elements.

Playing our way through life rather than repetative and conditioned responses to life's cascade of images. In essesnce Being awake to the relevance of the interconnectivity of Being; this revelation allows the questioner to move with Truth.

....And this was how I interpreted the books contents. I feel this information to be vital to Artistry. Opening the Heart of the Artist, to the possibilities of creative responsibility. I belive in works that help to move the role of Humanity into its heart! Even though reading Philosophy or Theosophy (or any of their anthropological relatives) can require a lot of energy, undoubtedly there is a radient beauty that helps us know a little more about our paradigm. And best of all, it invites us to an infinite world of Images which flows to and from Creation.


*Releasment is a word introduced in this work which comes through in a cunjuction of ideas, and stems from the German word Gelassenheit. This word was central to understanding Heidegger and is used for serenity, self-resignation, letting-be. Releasment is the 6th chapter, pg. 97-104.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mm. Reab reps One-Sun T's

One-Sun (printed in the studio) T-shirts

for more on the collection... visit:

A Big thanks to everyone who brought the party to the Tshirts, one NY evening; Special thanks to Nick Lee for handling the camera and Barking Irons Tshirt company for providing the T's.
Hope you enjoy rocking these shirts...made with electric love

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Perma-creativity and Medicinal Mushrooms

In a day and age in which we are accumulating environmental concern, there is a need to focus on life giving creativity. In nature lays unimaginable potential for harmony and healing. All around us are alternative resources, and technological ideas that have the keys to wellness and abundance.

Recently I had the privlidge of visiting Fungi Perfecti, a mushroom farm and research fascility in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. Paul Stamets, and his co-workers, have applied artistry and diligent scientific deduction, to present the world with various gifts that can be derived from mushroom cultivation.

Fungi Perfecti captured my imagination the same way Willy Wonka's factory would a child, as a delicate environ of cutting edge wonder. Some of the dynamic uses and applications of fungi at this farm include: exotic edibles, soil regeneration and composting, cleaning agents of radio active material and oil spills, medicinal concoctions, and non-abrasive insect repelents. The information from Paul Stamets's publications and workshops covers basics as well as advanced mycological techniques.

The picture above is prestarted kit of shitake, Lentinula edodes, growing on our kitchen table. Shitake is delicious, protein rich and medicinal. For this and other fungi related products visit: I hope to keep you informed on our mushroom adventures...

1 love

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One Sun Art @ "Coming Home" Open Space Nomadic Gallery show

detail from diptych painting, "Jacob's Ladder" from "Wake Up This is a Dream" series
Magnolias glowing in blue light
Wall installation, "Magnolia"
Multi media print, "Dissolution" (glowing in blue light)
Wall installation, "Doorway into Birth Pattern"

Welcome friends, I would like to take a moment to share a few of the images from the show at Open Space Nomadic Gallery. Thanks to all who came out to see the "Coming Home" show! And thanks to Mustafa and Pipi who worked very hard putting it all together! I look forward to presenting some more work soon!

may the force of inspiration be with you,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Enter a space in which friendship expresses its creative ties. 7 artists, all Sufi, come together under the tent of the Nomadic Gallery, "Open Space", to celebrate Art. The diversity of mediums found in this show, is the strength of its open hearted curation.

Much thanks to all my friends involved: Pipi, Mariam, Yoyo, Aziz, Medina, Cynthia and especially to Mustafa Farhad for his patience and courage in opening us all up to this serendipitous experience.

Hope that you will be present to enjoy this work, and that your Vernal Equinox will usher in a great Spring season...full of Health and Sharing! ... 1 sun

Monday, March 5, 2012

The 9 Flowers of East 4th Street; One-Sun, UP press

In a small, 3.5 in. square accordion book, titled "the Nine Flowers of E 4th Street"; is the silent story of nine different flowers. Each frame is adapted from the nine 7 x 7 in. paintings, that I have since distrubted to maternal forces as a small gesture of appreciation for her brilliant inspiration.

This little book contains my experiences, as a painter/gardener, within the three gardens of East 4th Street between Ave. C and D. This small corner of New York City, during warm wheather magic, brings to life the plethora of blossoms that celebrate the onlookings of East Villagers. I hope that this work will urge all who live in a city to seek out these patches of natural refuge, and find a resource to infuse their city experience with a sense of gentleness.

Dear Friend, I wish for you a happy advent of spring, sowing seeds, and whatching the radiance of life unfold!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Untitled Lanscape, a trypich, and a One Sun painting

Abstraction is an idea that is contingent to paintning, and appears throughout art in all various guises. With this painting, the narritive interplay between three sub abstractions sets the mood.

From left to right: a feild, a magnolia flower, and an amorphous cloud.

In contemplation... 1sun

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"The Cat Returns"

If you can find this movie, and have some of your inner-child intact, it is a very uplifting fairtale flick. "The Cat Returns" dazzles with colorful landscapes and equally colorful characters that capture the imagination, much in the style of Hayao Miyazaki's movies.

Journey into the secret world of cats by following a trail of lights on the wind. What you find there is a world not unlike ours. A story filled with meaning, and insight into the psycological dimenssions of the inner self. the most prevalent mantras I found are of trusting in one's own journey and in the inexhaustible power of natural goodness.
Filled with nature and light hearted humor, this will be a nice movie to share with any child. Hope all you travelers pass through the world of cats safely and...

that you are having a good go at 2012; finding boundless inspiration to add to the fun!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fragrance & Creativity

Welcome to 2012! This is a picture of the Uranian Phalanstery alter, and in the forground are a group of essential oils which we have been using in the past year. Frankincense, Myrrh, Siberian Fir Needle, Rose, Geranium, Lavender, Lime and Clary Sage are just a few that are called to permeate our space. Each scent has its own influence on the environment, playing with our memories and helping to enhance the impressions of each day.

An easy and clean method of distributing the scent of the essential oils in the atmosphere of your room(s) is by means of a diffuser. The diffuser is powered by a votive candle and few drops of essential oil in water is all it takes to bring the scent to life. These scents have an extensive array of properties and are an easy way to draw positive vibes into an environment.

I have found and to be helpful resources. I am sure there are plenty of other places to find essential oils, however do make sure that when buying essential oils you are able to identify exactly what it is that you are getting. An easy way to ensure this is to look for the scientific name of the oil on the bottle; mixtures are less likely to have all the names printed.

May the perfume of Inspiration guide us through this new year ! Blessing to all! 1sun