Monday, January 28, 2013

Drawing With Children

Working with children can bring out a plasticity that might otherwise be over looked.   Aisle 5 art materials, a loose mind and the creative longing of young enthusiasts brings vital energy to these spontaneous drawings.  

Whist with a friend and his children we found good time to sit and create.    Watching them and  inspired by their creative energy I loosened my grip; these lines came out.    I felt the life of doodling and thought, "how could this be work...maybe this is the true work, these doodles are so free"

The liberated and pure mind of a child, acts as an opiate for the artist.   His mind no longer in the word-box of an external world but in a cavern of dreams with memories of playing.
This work resists an agenda or even an answer, it is a mini homage to the child within.



Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A. David Matin beat tape "Natural Ambitions" , One-Sun collaboration

So happy to present  A. David Matin Mix Tape!
"Natural Ambitions" Dec.29 2012
The cover was a collaboration between David and myself,
please take a listen!

Bonne Annee!  2013!

Check out for more info on the music!