Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"You but not You, I but not I" a Phalanstery show

Thanks to the contributing artists: Yoyo, Pipi, Cloe, David,Ves, Martin,William, Gregor,Dorothea and Richard!  Thanks to all the Friends and Lovers of Art!
Dorothea (1929-2012) you are missed and we hope to continue, thanks to your care!

There is still time to see this exhibit!  Please visit us before Dec. 30th, for more information go to

Many Blessings to all! May our greatest achievement be the Celebration of Life, and may you find it easy to express your Joy and Gratitude!

Mehdi Matin
aka One Sun 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

As alway it is sad to loose a good friend!   Dorothea departed this realm, November 20th, 2012.   She was a huge force in my life.   She was a mentor, benefactor, and transmitter of a path, which she herself would not name.  She was a lover of art, sentient beings and wild imagination.   With her, there was lots of laughter, and she wept in the face of truth.  She was hurt by people's materialism, and yet lived with lots of beautiful objects.   She created many works of art, and taught children craft.   By her own artistic creations, and through her support for other artists, a substantial cultural contribution was manifest.

She passed, but is still with us.   I feel her presence and accept that the soul has transcended the body.   For the many lessons, blessings, and most importantly love, I hope to be forever grateful!

Much love, and sweet union with friends,
May we all celebrate Love & Joy