Monday, March 5, 2012

The 9 Flowers of East 4th Street; One-Sun, UP press

In a small, 3.5 in. square accordion book, titled "the Nine Flowers of E 4th Street"; is the silent story of nine different flowers. Each frame is adapted from the nine 7 x 7 in. paintings, that I have since distrubted to maternal forces as a small gesture of appreciation for her brilliant inspiration.

This little book contains my experiences, as a painter/gardener, within the three gardens of East 4th Street between Ave. C and D. This small corner of New York City, during warm wheather magic, brings to life the plethora of blossoms that celebrate the onlookings of East Villagers. I hope that this work will urge all who live in a city to seek out these patches of natural refuge, and find a resource to infuse their city experience with a sense of gentleness.

Dear Friend, I wish for you a happy advent of spring, sowing seeds, and whatching the radiance of life unfold!

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