Saturday, December 11, 2010

A visit to Olana, Fredric Church House

Last weekend Dorothea and I visited the Hudson River School painter's, Frederic Church, house. The house which is now under the tutelage of a New York State historic preservation society, has maintained the high brow nineteenth century charm that Church fashioned it with. Church was heavily influence by the Far East and Persian Architecture, and created this house around painted ornamental motifs, tile and stone work, and collections of art that he accumulated through his vast travels.

This is an ideal look into the life of a pivotal figure in American Art. The intimacy of the setting allows one to be transported into the life and times of the inspired Fredric Edwin Church.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Uranian Phalanstery Move

Hello! all blog friends,
Since you have asked, and i have been fully immersed in the moving of our jewel of an organization, It feels appropriate to share a little of my experience with you. On a personal level this has been one of the most momentous single acts of my life; on par with leaving my home country at a time of war. This responsibility, to the organization that has become the wind under my creative feet, unleashing vast insights.

The decision to move was born out of impending Tax Lien's, many needed repairs to the buildings, and a need to bring the organization to the modern world.

My first real lesson was that "an organized mind, can mobilize in the greatest possible way". After moving two buildings, 8 stories, humbled by objects and space, there is a credit of power that i feel lives in both space and objects. Each having a part in the grand scheme of things, and playing that part to inform.

The contents of the building, as well as the buildings themselves, are of a big linage of a historically rich people. This intrinsic value, lead to a lot of interested contemporaries, and preservationist. In identifying and internalizing the idea of "preservation", again humbled, another mini-enlightenment was produced, "matter can only arrive at a certain stage of creation before being reconstructed essentially". Meaning, that the thoughts that go into creation are of an essential nature, and what is constructed in matter is always in line to be destroyed, serving as a vessel for thought but never surpassing it in intrinsic value.

From the beginning of the move I was met with a criticism, understandably; this was a big move. Confidence accompanied a feeling that this decision was centered, on right action, and focused on revealing the truths that were dear to the Founder, Rev. ROT. Even though He had a profound respect for the Lower East Side of Manhattan, his mission was beyond a local. Spreading the creative ideal, as both a child and a parent, of Gnostic seeking and revelation was the thing most in need of preserving. On this point the Co-founder, and one of my most cherished mentors, Dorothea Baer was in support of.

In the light of such a transformation, the New Uranian Phalanstery, will once again serve as a refreshing space of creative enlightenment. Geoff Dann, a good friend and talented carpenter is working on our first installation, our library. We hope that in reestablishing our headquarters we will help expedite the world of the Gnostics and their views on the relativity of creative acts and their purpose in informing the contemporary mind.

As always, Thank you! Please, take good care, and i hope to post up soon!

One-Sun , Nov 28 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Uranian Phalanstery Autumnal Equinox

And so the story continues with more celebrations and fun. I hope that all of you, friends of love, are steadfast in the path and full of energy. Hot from the sizzling of summer we enter the fall harvest. We, at the Phalanstery, hope that you will leave the world of the "everyday" behind and enter into our vortex of inspired creation at the First Gnostic Lyceum New York on Wednesday September 22.

Contributions from Robert Pollard, Geof Dann, Ves Pitts, Pipi, and Sarah M Moody, Divad Nitam, Lou, Two Tone Tyrone, as well as other artists will reveal the on-going dialogue of creative interaction with the intuitive function, at the Uranian Post. 328 East 4th Street, between C and D Ave, from 6-9pm on the Autumnal Equinox, Wednesday September 22.

This show will be the Finale' of our group, here in the East Village, and we will be getting ready to make our services available at the next Reincarnation of our Embassy. Love to all!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Intellect Yantra

A yantra is a yogic meditation in painting. It assists the yogic practitioner to reach inner states through concentration and chanting. The colors of the 9 Yantras en vibe the essence of astrological agents as well as that of points on the chakra system.

This Yantra relates to the attributes of Mercury and its ability to be quick, fast thinking, moveable, adaptable, and progressive.

The Mantra that it emanates is Om Boom Bood-Hi-Yah Nahm-Ah-Ha, which is chanted while constructing the Yantra.

For more information "Nine Designs for Inner Peace: The Ultimate guide to Meditating with Color, Shape, and Sound" by Sarah Tomlinson

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer time in the LES!

summer 2010

1. East 7th and B

2. East 2cnd and A

A review of Henry Corbin's "The Man of Light" in Iranian Sufism

Henry Corbin is deep. This book is the conjecture of Hermetic, Zoroastrian, Manichean, NeoPlatonism, and Mandeism expressed through the teachings of Iranian Sufi Masters such as Shoravardi, and Najm Kobra. The idea of internal alchemy find's a language through these stations of teaching and development.

The book begins by directing the reader towards an "orientation", facing a cosmic pole. This orientation is the connection and communication with the internal world of the psyche, labeled as vertical orientation as oppose to horizontal "mundane" positioning.

The orientation thus is turned to the light, at which point the guide of light starts to take a form in the internal landscape. To this landscape is ascribed a structure maintained by a spectrum of photisms.

Each color having a relativity in consciousness, informed emanations of the first order. Tantric Yantras express a similar idea, although contain a different set of colors.

The book also goes deep into the conception of the idea of "seeing" in black light; eo ipso the domain of that which contains light, or rather is beyond light.

I appreciated Corbin's assertion as to the difficulties of any spiritual seeker. The mysteries, that flow from the tributaries pertaining to knowledge of a path. A path that can lead only back to the source, of which nothing can be named or lost.

This book leads one through a timeless visualization of how these ecstatic masters met their true masters' at synchronized positions along the photism spectrums. All along the way there are metaphysically contemplative conjectures of primal and imaginal thought.

This is a hard read, but worth it. And could be a turning point in self realization, if you give it the time it deserves. Like Corbin says "The God you get is the One that you Deserve".

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Early Spring Triptych

Recently finished "Early Spring"

1, pink blossoms and a subterranean opening, Thompkins Square
2, the magnolia tree, Parque De Tranquilidad
3, yellow blossoms, Thompkins Square

The colorful personality of Chakaras Johnson

Comprido, a good friend, from Capoeira, passed around the 18th of July. He was an inspiration to the whole community. He was a wonderful and radiant personality , and will be greatly missed! Love you man, thanks for sharing!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rudolf Steiner "Colour"

Writing about books, that i had completed reading, was one of the challenges of my second grade class. Recent revelations regarding the sharing of books, and the singularity of mind, have inspired me write about certain potent books.

In Rudolf Steiner's book "Colour", we see a conjecture of color theory and Metaphysics. Steiner introduces two ideas, Image and Luster. Image and Luster in the fluid union of a color compositions would produce that which would seem most natural.

In this book Steiner describes a technique of painting; by which the painter creates a water concoction with pigment, rather than working from an pallete which is a more opaque. The translucency of this method allows the union of colors in a more naturaly accuring spectrum.

In the diagram Steiner is attempting to explain the underlying connection of Formed (Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Human) aspects in relation to Spirt aspects (dead, living, souled, and spirited)
And how they relate to Image and Luster. All of which are connected in idea, through the complex dialoge of the spectrum.

Fireflies and Thompson Square Park, East Village

a stroll through the summer sun-sets of Thompson Square, reveals flashes of brightness in a landscape of falling shadows

Monday, June 28, 2010

contemplating art on the streets of NY

This is for you New York, my gesture of love towards the worlds most diverse community.
It is a pleasure walking your streets...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Uranian Phalanstery Summer Solstice


A celebration of the Summer Solstice held at the Phalanstery... elevating the hearts of art lovers by invoking the mysterious essence that is shared to create a fully conscious creative interaction. Hopefully this inspiration will manifest through a greater visibility of our works and continue to Inspire. Thanks to Pipi, Mustafa, and Logan Giuseppe for their performances.
We hope that you join us, at the Phalanstery, on 9/22 for the Autumnal Equinox. till then

much love and"get- creative" blessings,

one sun

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Equinox, NoRouz, Uranian Phalanstery Art Happening

A One-Sun art happening in celebration of a New Day { Norouz, Persian new year} , and the Spring Equinox. Old and New works, as well as us and our guests, will be your entertainment. It will be a pot luck of food and art, song and dance. So bring your heart, and lets have a blast.

the Uranian Phalanstery and First Gnostic Lyceum NY @ 326-8 East 4th Street is the site of our table, and the festivities should get rolling around 3 pm; and as always will go for as long as you can stay.

May all the most potent blessings fill your being, and i hope to see you throught the veil of your creativity, soon.


Monday, January 4, 2010