Sunday, May 6, 2012

Perma-creativity and Medicinal Mushrooms

In a day and age in which we are accumulating environmental concern, there is a need to focus on life giving creativity. In nature lays unimaginable potential for harmony and healing. All around us are alternative resources, and technological ideas that have the keys to wellness and abundance.

Recently I had the privlidge of visiting Fungi Perfecti, a mushroom farm and research fascility in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. Paul Stamets, and his co-workers, have applied artistry and diligent scientific deduction, to present the world with various gifts that can be derived from mushroom cultivation.

Fungi Perfecti captured my imagination the same way Willy Wonka's factory would a child, as a delicate environ of cutting edge wonder. Some of the dynamic uses and applications of fungi at this farm include: exotic edibles, soil regeneration and composting, cleaning agents of radio active material and oil spills, medicinal concoctions, and non-abrasive insect repelents. The information from Paul Stamets's publications and workshops covers basics as well as advanced mycological techniques.

The picture above is prestarted kit of shitake, Lentinula edodes, growing on our kitchen table. Shitake is delicious, protein rich and medicinal. For this and other fungi related products visit: I hope to keep you informed on our mushroom adventures...

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  1. Mushrooms are mistakenly thought of as vegetables, but they are not. They are actually fungi that grow in dark places, and in dim parts of caves. Its extracts have this certain magic that heals human diseases. They have long been used for medicinal purposes. It reduces cholesterol, blood pressure and boosts the immune system. Also, mushrooms alleviate the risk of having liver disease and cancer.

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