Monday, July 16, 2012

A review of "The New Gnostic"

Publish Post Published in 1984 this book revitalises the philosophies of Heidegger and James Hillman; leading us into the realm of the angels. Here, Phenomenology is delinated with mystical reverance, guiding the reader into the depths of the psyche by seeking direct knowledge of Being.

Contemplating the unity at the center of all polarities brings one to an internal ground, which lays beyond the nominal. External images morph to the perceivers level of Beingness, growing in dimension and complexity, matching the perciever's Releasment.

Releasment* is a surrender of habits and an immersion into primordial sublime nature; which is followed by a state of Seeing. Releasment is the ultimate response to the image that is supplied by the eternal moment and its elements.

Playing our way through life rather than repetative and conditioned responses to life's cascade of images. In essesnce Being awake to the relevance of the interconnectivity of Being; this revelation allows the questioner to move with Truth.

....And this was how I interpreted the books contents. I feel this information to be vital to Artistry. Opening the Heart of the Artist, to the possibilities of creative responsibility. I belive in works that help to move the role of Humanity into its heart! Even though reading Philosophy or Theosophy (or any of their anthropological relatives) can require a lot of energy, undoubtedly there is a radient beauty that helps us know a little more about our paradigm. And best of all, it invites us to an infinite world of Images which flows to and from Creation.


*Releasment is a word introduced in this work which comes through in a cunjuction of ideas, and stems from the German word Gelassenheit. This word was central to understanding Heidegger and is used for serenity, self-resignation, letting-be. Releasment is the 6th chapter, pg. 97-104.

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