Thursday, November 20, 2008

the Nine Flowers of East 4th St. Nyc summer 08

Hello, to all, from where ever you may be, thank you for joining me. This is my first post, on my first blog, i hope that it may produce much good news, and inspire you.

This series of paintings is indicative of the development of my work. I have become attached to the observation of the natural environment. This series has to do with a group of flowers, nine total, which i encountered while gardening on East 4th St. in New York City; on the block where my studio resides.

All the canvases are stretched around wider pieces of framing to have a box effect, and a few of them are created from recycled wood. Each canvas frame is 7x7in.

All the backgrounds are constructed with shades of phthalo green and gold. i have used various medias such as graphite, ink, acrylic, and oil, to acheive the effects.

enjoy the power of the garden...

when we meet again: 4 canvases from one west coast adventure


  1. well at least you pulled your damn hair back for your profile pic.

  2. whad up bro, I like your approach with the blogspot,its simple but its offical, yeah you can def. sell here.

  3. interesting paintings Medi. I can't say they're "beautiful" for i feel something darker from them. but pretty, yes, and i'd like to see them with my own eyes.

  4. i really like the orchid. did you know vanilla beans come from orchids? a certain variety that climbs up trees in the tropics. one vanilla bean per orchid. in a way, a vanilla bean taste how an orchid looks.

  5. welcome to the wonderful world of blog -- i love your garden and thank you for inviting me to share your journey -- i will keep coming back and look forward to sharing your wisdom and view of the world beyond blog ---