Saturday, November 22, 2008

Castle Craigs, Mt Shasta; Redwoods;Crater N P, Mt. Ranier

This summer i embarked on an adventure to discover the natural wonders of the Pacific North West, United States. I was drawn by stories describing the unending oceans of trees, winding rivers, elk, and holy mountains that inhabited this wild dominion. In an attempt to record the story of natures persistent abundance in beauty, i brought 4 canvases, to chronicle my passage.

i have many people to thank for the journey. I went as an offering to the forces that awaited me, and accepted every bit of needed help. I hitched many rides falling into the tempo of the road and it's wanderers. And along the way i stayed with the settlers that inhabited cities standing at the epicenters of traffic.

My purpose was to see, through solitary eyes. Inspired to do such a work by my most intimate companions, i hope that they will see that this contains their stories too. However, this time as humans it is better to be understated and let places like the Redwoods and Crater National Park show the magnitude of this planets sacred resource.

There is a world of awe, waiting in the heart of the seeker, and each of these canvases express that connection with the moment which delivers us to an enchanted gateway. My work in these paintings, uses the facade of landscapes to superimpose the abstract. These places didn't create the work, the work came about as a result of love's passage through, and beyond.

I hope to keep on traveling, discovering this world, and recording its wonder through the subtle dance of my brush.

Again to all of you who helped make this adventure an unforgettable experience, this work is dedicated to you.

from top to bottom: Castle Craig, Mt. Shasta; Redwoods; Crater National Park; Mt. Ranier


  1. Castle Craigs, Mt Shasta...I love the colour of your sky. Just the right amount of Peace...Like you?

    As for the blog...hope this initiative will participate in bringing you closer from where you wanna be...