Sunday, January 9, 2011

Victor Schauberger: a Life of Learning from Nature, by Jane Cobbald

A good introduction to Victor Schauberger, whose most popular work is observations on the life and nature of water. His work, persisted against the pseudo-scientific understanding of his times and has broadened the scope of my personal identification with this ultimate elixr; mystifying and prompting me to deepen my questions.

Schauberger exemplifies an artist whose work is based on the understanding of nature, expressing the hidden aspects of his observations through writing, drawing, and sculptural inventions. This book is rich with his drawings, most showing the pulsating spirals which depict the movement of water. He is also deeply interested in the egg-shape, and its functions, " Every force... unfolds itself and springs forth from the original form of life, the egg".

Through his observations, looking deep into the Bavarian forests, he created inventions which he proven worked with nature, upholding her and expressing the abundance of life. He was suspicious of people in authority and of academics. One of his main frustrations was man's dependance on the combustion of fossil fuels for energy. He worked to create a hydrogen engine, in conjunction with his observations on the effects of temperature on water.

Victor Schauberger, supported by a lineage of foresters, is staying relevant through the distribution of his ideas by son Walter Shauberger and the multitude of those who have found the life giving inspiration in his dedication to the planet, and the essential refinement of technologies.

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