Friday, January 14, 2011

Don Juan and the Art of Sexual Energy by Merilyn Tunneshende

This book offers a great perspective into dreaming and its hinge on "sexual energy". Merilyn Tunneshende proposes exercises in the Nagualist tradition of intentional dreaming. Showing practitioners how to direct their intent to promote healing and self realization. In my opinion she is a overly gifted dreamer and what she offers is great insight on the energy body, and its power in transformation.

Although the book is written in an casual tone, its message is heavy. Tunneshende, reaches to experiences beyond most peoples, informing about a reality that is not most readily accessed. She imparts the stories of power revealing the archetypal Conjunction in the Divine Feminine and Masculine

Her work, is related to Carlos Casteneda's, and he appears in the book as Carlo Castillo. I believe that she is the character that he refers to as La Gorda in his books, a suspicion. In this aspect it offers a fresh continuation to the saga of these enigmatic figures, theirs deemed successes and failures. Mainly, that she through her impeccability, which has largely to do with her use of sexual energy, arrives at formlessness. Carlos admits this in his books. And for Carlos the tantamount failure in the path, and death through liver disease, as was revealed in this book.

This book will either motivate you to do a 180 in your life, again, or shake you to fright, you choose. It is a book that is full with contemplation on the nature of choice, and the force of attraction.

happy purposeful dreaming, may you find all the aids and maps to your quest, the universe awaits.


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