Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Uranian Phalanstery Move

Hello! all blog friends,
Since you have asked, and i have been fully immersed in the moving of our jewel of an organization, It feels appropriate to share a little of my experience with you. On a personal level this has been one of the most momentous single acts of my life; on par with leaving my home country at a time of war. This responsibility, to the organization that has become the wind under my creative feet, unleashing vast insights.

The decision to move was born out of impending Tax Lien's, many needed repairs to the buildings, and a need to bring the organization to the modern world.

My first real lesson was that "an organized mind, can mobilize in the greatest possible way". After moving two buildings, 8 stories, humbled by objects and space, there is a credit of power that i feel lives in both space and objects. Each having a part in the grand scheme of things, and playing that part to inform.

The contents of the building, as well as the buildings themselves, are of a big linage of a historically rich people. This intrinsic value, lead to a lot of interested contemporaries, and preservationist. In identifying and internalizing the idea of "preservation", again humbled, another mini-enlightenment was produced, "matter can only arrive at a certain stage of creation before being reconstructed essentially". Meaning, that the thoughts that go into creation are of an essential nature, and what is constructed in matter is always in line to be destroyed, serving as a vessel for thought but never surpassing it in intrinsic value.

From the beginning of the move I was met with a criticism, understandably; this was a big move. Confidence accompanied a feeling that this decision was centered, on right action, and focused on revealing the truths that were dear to the Founder, Rev. ROT. Even though He had a profound respect for the Lower East Side of Manhattan, his mission was beyond a local. Spreading the creative ideal, as both a child and a parent, of Gnostic seeking and revelation was the thing most in need of preserving. On this point the Co-founder, and one of my most cherished mentors, Dorothea Baer was in support of.

In the light of such a transformation, the New Uranian Phalanstery, will once again serve as a refreshing space of creative enlightenment. Geoff Dann, a good friend and talented carpenter is working on our first installation, our library. We hope that in reestablishing our headquarters we will help expedite the world of the Gnostics and their views on the relativity of creative acts and their purpose in informing the contemporary mind.

As always, Thank you! Please, take good care, and i hope to post up soon!

One-Sun , Nov 28 2010

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