Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rudolf Steiner "Colour"

Writing about books, that i had completed reading, was one of the challenges of my second grade class. Recent revelations regarding the sharing of books, and the singularity of mind, have inspired me write about certain potent books.

In Rudolf Steiner's book "Colour", we see a conjecture of color theory and Metaphysics. Steiner introduces two ideas, Image and Luster. Image and Luster in the fluid union of a color compositions would produce that which would seem most natural.

In this book Steiner describes a technique of painting; by which the painter creates a water concoction with pigment, rather than working from an pallete which is a more opaque. The translucency of this method allows the union of colors in a more naturaly accuring spectrum.

In the diagram Steiner is attempting to explain the underlying connection of Formed (Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Human) aspects in relation to Spirt aspects (dead, living, souled, and spirited)
And how they relate to Image and Luster. All of which are connected in idea, through the complex dialoge of the spectrum.

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