Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Equinox Art Gathering

My Friends,
As Winter's challenges blossom into Spring's resolutions, we at the Phalanstery have a cause for celebration. I invite you to walk amidst an installation of paintings, prints and giant drawings.

Here is what you will need to know:

Address: 326 E 4th Street, between Ave. C&D, NY,NY

3/21 @ 7pm

Creation Circle: A creative visualization meditation that will lead you into the Garden. This practice will be a natural relaxant, which takes place on the rich internal ground from which deeper chambers of self realization may be accessed. We will begin the meditation around 8p.m.

3/22 @ 4pm

Warriors T party: Warriors are beings that have accepted the Mystery innate in everything, and seek to deepen their understanding of self, by working to arrive at a higher sense of self control. Our table will be set modestly, please bring your inspiration, and anything else that your good nature would like to share.

In creative love...I pray, that during this cosmological advent of the growing season,you shall all be energized and shower seeds of goodness unto the Earth and her populations of sentient beings.

one love

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